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100 Long Metallic/Chrome Balloons for Balloon Animal Kit + Balloon handheld Pump + bonus balloon App – 100% Biodegradable, Natural Latex Balloons comes in 6 Vibrant Colors

  • ONE OF A KIND: Nozzle up packed 100 metallic balloons in 6 different colors; Balloon inflator; Balloon App; Twisting balloons fun for newbies and pros
  • CHROME EFFECT: Glossy, metallic shine for a never-before-seen visual experience; Rich texture, reflective surface, and radiant colors; Add glamor and shine at a birthday party
  • QUALITY ANIMAL BALLOONS BY EXPERTS: Developed by industry pros with 25 years of experience and used by entertainers and showmen; Made of natural latex and 100% biodegradable
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AIR PUMP: Double action hand pump with Large air compartment for maximum airflow; Ergonomic mouth design; Premium materials and engineering; Smooth operation
  • BONUS BALLOON APP: Our balloons for balloon animals include a coded card that enables a download of our Balloon App; Balloon twisting  lessons in one app

BalloonPlay Metallic Balloons, comes in a pack of 100 Biodegradable metallic Long Balloons in 6 Radiant Colors
Whether you are a professional balloon animal maker or a beginner with creative balloon twisting ideas, then this kit is for you. Unique and new to the market, metallic balloons are ideal for creating all sorts of balloon sculptures, perfect birthday party decor and can be used by entertainers at their shows. Slightly thicker for their durability and professional use.

Extraordinary Chrome Effect in 6 Radiant Colors and Reflective Surface
BalloonPlay metallic twisting balloons come in an array of 6 spectacular colors. Our range will enhance your inner creativity to form the animal kingdom of your dreams and sure to impress balloon animals fans with this never-before-seen visual effect.
Colors: golden gold, flickery silver, glitzy pink, dazzling purple, bright green, shimmering blue.

Superior Quality Balloon Animals for Beginners and Pros
BalloonPlay is a brainchild of 25 years of professional ballooning world. We have expertly come up with the quality, durability, and versatility of our products that suit professional balloon twisters and artists. Our 260 balloons are the real deal and are now available to beginners. Environment-friendly, 100% biodegradable and made from natural latex.

Nozzle Up Pack

Expertly and professionally prepared, our chrome effect balloons come nozzle up packed for the ease and visibility. Each color can be spotted and reached without creating chaos in the bag.

Premium Quality Air Pump

The dual-action portable air pump designed for maximum inflation in the minimum of time. Strong and durable build with large air compartment for maximum airflow and smooth operation. Versatile in its purpose and suitable for most household inflatables such as exercise balls, inflatable pool, baby floaters, and inflatable toys.

Bonus Balloon App

To make the ballooning adventure even more enjoyable, we included a coded card that enables you to download our Balloon App. Balloon twisting lessons of our app will open up a whole new world of fun and skill.

Please Note:
Our metallic balloons are made using breakthrough technology, and this sometimes comes with the tiny condition. While brand new, they may leave traces of the paint on your fingers while twisting them. This is common, so please do not be alarmed and gently wipe your hands. Staining will gradually fade with time and repetitive use.
also,  the Chrome balloon animals are a bit challenging for beginners so please do the following after you purchase.
1. stretch the balloon well before you inflate
2. do released a bit of air before you tie ( this is what you should normally do with our balloon animals)


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11 reviews
  1. Stephen Rodgers

    Looking good.
    Bought as a gift, but impressed with the quantity and look of the colours. Not seen them in use.

  2. JBird

    Creative Activity for All Ages
    Kids love balloons and what better way to extend their joy then to get them involved. BalloonPlay as a gift was a big hit – many creative, cleaver and fun things can be made – crown, outfit top and skirt in addition to the flowers and animals. Super Hit!!!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Vibrant colours, good quality, would recommend
    This product exceeded my expectations. The balloons themselves are good quality for making balloon animals and the metallic colours are very vibrant. The pump that came with it works well. Shipping was fast. Thank you!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product!!!
    Amazing quality! Awesome metallic colors! And above all great customer service! Loved the app that is included that teaches you how to make fun creations with these balloons! Thank you!!!

  5. C Jason Howard

    Great product!
    The balloons feel high quality. Made a bunch sword and holders for a little guy’s ninja bday party. The app gives you 1 learning module with a few items to create – lucky for us we got the swords one! You can buy several other learning modules through the app. They’re not costly. The balloon toys stayed inflated for a few days before starting to shrink. Most importantly they held up to a dozen 6 year old boys who thought they were ninjas. Can’t beat that!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to use
    I love this product

  7. Amazon Customer

    Balloon animals everywhere
    Grand daughter makes balloon animals . She loves it.

  8. Anonymous

    Good product
    Good balloons and quality product.

  9. pamela williams

    Brilliant product. The balloons were for a present and where perfect.

  10. pamela williams

    Brilliant product. The balloons were for a present and where perfect.

  11. Amazon Customer

    An instruction manu To make animalsal
    I granddaughter loves it she plays with it all the time making animals only wish you included in instruction book to make animals

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