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I’m Eldi, a father of 3, a dadpreneur, a balloon comedian and twister. I have more than 27 years of experience in balloon comedy shows and in conducting balloon animal twisting workshops for all ages, in multiple countries, and in different languages.  🌎

I’ve been immersed in the world of balloon art entertainment ever since I started and have watched it evolve around me.  🔄

The driving force of my business is to make people smile! My life’s goals are to motivate children everywhere, to learn through play, to encourage them to explore the world around them, and to experience life firsthand.

Because of this, I’ve developed BalloonPlay™, the world’s first Balloon Animal Kit that comes with a dedicated Web App that brings fun and easy Balloon Animal Twisting video tutorials, directly to you. It is the largest, all-original, entertainment balloon video tutorial bank that showcases fun and enjoyable balloon activities for all ages. 🎈

When love and skills come together, expect a masterpiece.

About the BalloonPlay™ Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit

We’ve spent 3 years developing and handpicking the highest quality balloons and balloon pump to bring you the best balloon animal kit around.

Our flagship product is the “Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit” , which includes more than130 balloons with 4 different shapes and sizes, a special balloon marker, the highest quality balloon pump, and a special code to unlock the BalloonPlay™ Web App – everything you need to get started in your own balloon animal experience.

About the BalloonPlay™ Web App

The BalloonPlay™ Web App is the world’s first Web App that brings dozens of fun, and easy-to-follow, Balloon Animal Twisting Tutorials directly to you. Watch the balloon video tutorial of your choice, following a fun, step-by-step tutorial and instantly start creating, inflating, and enjoying.

It turns passive screen time into a fun and educational bonding experience between family members, friends, even classmates and co-workers.

The BalloonPlay™ Balloon Animal Kit and Web App promotes “learning by doing”, giving users a guided hands-on experience in a guaranteed safe and monitored screen environment. Our Web App is a fun way for your child to make his own balloon animals, while developing cognitive skills, motor skills, and encouraging your child to be as creative as possible, by her/himself or with others.

Our Balloon Web App contains a playlist of video tutorials tat gives you a quick look at all-original Balloon Animal Twisting Courses which are conveniently arranged by skill level – progressing from basic balloon twisting to advanced balloon twisting, letting you try as little or as much as you want at a time.

We increasingly live in a society where children spend a large amount of time staring at a screen. BalloonPlay™ has married the digital world with the physical world, turning passive screen time into a fun, educational, and interactive way that families and friends can spend time with each other. Brush your concerns away and rely on us to entertain your kids.

Have fun ✨

The BalloonHero and the BalloonPlay™ Team 🎈

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BalloonPlay™ Balloon Festival April 2019

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