Easy to use, high quality and strong, double action balloon pump for balloon animals, works flawlessly.

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High quality, Double Action hand held Balloon Pump – Portable Air Pump for balloon animals and other Inflatables , works flawlessly and easy to use due to ergonomic design for a simple operation.

BalloonPlay™ is a brainchild of 26 years of professional ballooning world. We have expertly come up with the quality, durability, and design of our products to suit everyone who is struggling with balloon inflating and for professional balloon twisters and artists. We understand the struggles our customers go through while choosing the right balloon pump.
Our superior and unique manual balloon pump to the current markets hand held balloon pumps are the real deal and are now also available for everyone.

Reliable, Powerful and Intelligent Design, check the specs

  • The pump has non-slip rigged surface for secure grip.
  • Screwed NOT glued – not like other, our balloon pump has screwed head for durability and extra strength, see product image.
  • Big air compartment for maximum airflow and fast results.
  • An intelligently built pumping system for minimum air loss, flawless operation and ease of use.
  • Even a kid can use it! – this is what our customer write about out manual balloon pump, it is kids friendly ergonomic handle for perfect grip and smooth operation.
  • Convenient balloon “holder” of the air pump head for a comfortable hold while inflating
  • Two Way Action Air Pump for animal balloons and other inflatables, BalloonPlay™ portable air pump is designed for maximum inflation in the minimum of time. Our dual action construction does just that. Each stroke, in or out, will provide powerful air injection to save efforts and reduce time.
  • Multi-function Use for All Our professional hand pump for inflatables is extremely versatile in its purpose. It can be used by professionals, beginners and all in between to suit there needs and skills. A-must tool for balloon animals masters, balloon twisting beginners and balloons loving kids.

We Call it 10-in-1 Air Pump

BalloonPlay hand pump for inflatables is your new solution to your aerated needs; Ideal for:

  • Balloons
  • Balloon animals
  • Rocket balloons
  • Yoga balls
  • Fitness balls
  • Pool inflatables
  • Beach balls
  • Inflatable pool
  • Baby floaters
  • Inflatable Toys Portable, Lightweight and Compact Take it everywhere to suit all occasions. Light but powerful air pump for pool inflatables for the lovers of splashing, handy hand pump for fitness enthusiasts to take to the gym, a must companion for the trip adventures or simple accessory for kids gatherings and their inflatable toys. Convenient for balloon artists on the go.

Non-slip surface; Large air compartment with maximum airflow; Ergonomic mouth design; Premium materials and engineering; Smooth operation

Our balloon inflator comes with a two-way pumping system; Inflates with in-and-out stroke to save time and efforts

Created by long-time ballooning industry professionals for advanced balloon twisters and beginners

Powerful action in a lightweight, compact design, Ideal to take everywhere to suit every occasion

10-in-1 uses: balloons, balloon animals, yoga balls, pool inflatables, beach balls, inflatable pool, baby floaters, inflatable toys



Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm


20 reviews
  1. Avatar

    Yasmine (verified owner)

    Easy to use
    I love soooo much this pump. So easy to use ! I wish I bought it first from amazon. I had one from a store that wasn’t working and hard to pump for a skinny person like me. And had to ask a man to help me pump it. But this one, oh my goodness I don’t need any energy to pump. Works right away. Even a kid can use this to pump it.

  2. Avatar

    Ckerry (verified owner)

    Best balloon hand pump that good for foils and regular balloon
    Love this hand pump. First time buying a hand pump. It is good for foils and regular balloon and it is very easy to use.

  3. Avatar

    radrachelleigh (verified owner)

    Very nice
    Works very fast and well. Can’t use by holding bottom but it pumps air it both ways.

  4. Avatar

    Meghana (verified owner)

    Easy to use
    This is easy to use and pumps air into balloons really well. However, if you have too many balloons or planning for big balloon garland, then I think automatic is better. however, for smaller use, this works great.

  5. Avatar

    Jen Santos (verified owner)

    Great product
    One of the best hand pumps I’ve used. Unlike others this doesn’t fall apart or easily break by covering the bottom of the pump while In use. ( who knew that this would be one of the number one causes in hand pumps breaking, when you cover the air valves at the bottom 🤷‍♀️ I Definitely did not know nor my kids)

  6. Avatar

    SHAKEELA (verified owner)

    Just what I needed
    I was throwing a party and needed something super last minute for all the balloons i purchased and this was perfect. Everything works great, I had no issues. Love it!

  7. Avatar

    William R. McAlpine (verified owner)

    Great entertainment
    Easy to use

  8. Avatar

    Liane71 (verified owner)

    Pumps balloons in one minute.
    This is a very good pump!
    Works well.
    Pumped 20 balloons in 20 minutes.

  9. Avatar

    Ochidea (verified owner)

    Expensive but works well

  10. Avatar

    Curtis (verified owner)

    Finally a high-quality balloon pump!
    After going through three or four cheap pumps that broke after a few sessions, I paid the few extra bucks to get this one and am 100% satisfied. Fills fast, feels solid, and has been totally dependable. Easily filled a hundred or so balloons for a party last week without breaking a sweat. Well worth it.

  11. Avatar

    Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Very handy
    I like the simplicity of this

  12. Avatar

    J (verified owner)

    My grandkids loved it.
    It was great for inflating party balloons.

  13. Avatar

    Ani (verified owner)

    Very good pump.Thank you. I will order more. 👍👍👍

  14. Avatar

    Juliette Green (verified owner)

    It did the job!

  15. Avatar

    Marleny (verified owner)

    For anyone to use 😊
    Highly recommend it 😊 It is extremely easy to use and effortless!!! I did 100 stuffed balloons and this pump made my project enjoyable.

  16. Avatar

    radrachelleigh (verified owner)

    Very nice
    Works very fast and well. Can’t use by holding bottom but it pumps air it both ways.

  17. Avatar

    Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Good product, good price. Efficient seller.

  18. Avatar

    Rosann Redd

    Good value.

    My 8 year old grandson uses it a lot! I got him one at a party store that was too hard to pump. This one works great!

  19. Avatar


    Better than the rest.

    5 stars for this one. Had a different one and the tip kept coming off. Used for rocket balloons and my kids love it. Highly recommended.

  20. Avatar

    Crystal Flores


    Super convenient and it’s great that you can use it for more than just balloons

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