Balloon Animal Starter Kit with App for beginners | 100 Balloons + balloon pump + Marker + Balloon App with 24+ video tutorials

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100 Long Balloons for balloon animals in 17 vibrant colors + Double Action high quality Pump + FREE bonus Balloon App with Video tutorials learning how to make Balloon animals balloon animal twisting basics.

With over 26 year of experience as a balloon comedian and twister I have cherry picked for you a good quality balloon animals for balloon animal twisting and their colors!
I have added a top quality double action handheld pump!
It will do the job, full stop.
I also added our basic balloon animal course that you can find inside our Balloon App “BalloonPlay”. You can download our App now to test it before you purchase your Balloon Animal kit. go to AppStore or GooglePlay

There you can watch dozens of easy to follow, balloon video tutorial in a fun and safe closed environment that I organized by skills level, ensuring you have the best ballooning experience.

All our Balloon Animals are 100% biodegradable and made of natural latex

LONG BALLOON ANIMALS + BALLOON PUMP – Good quality long balloons for all your balloon animals twisting, sculpting and creations needs with 17 colors! Red, Orange, Yellow, mustard yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Dark green, Pale green, Navy blue, Lilac, Purple, Fuchsia pink, light Pink, White, Brown and Blusih purple

BALLOON PACKED WITH NOZZLE UP – Our Balloons for Animal balloons are packed in such away that will upgrade your ballooning experience and ease the way you use them while having a view at all the colors from above and al balloons are available by pulling just the color you want from the pack, see image at our image gallery

THE LONG BALLOONS: Made of high quality natural latex, environmental protection and non-toxic, tough enough to resist breakage.

FAST AND STRONG BALLOON PUMP – The 100pcs of our balloon animal comes with the BalloonPlay™ handheld balloon pump. You will find balloon inflating an easy and quick task when you need to blow up those balloon animals or any other type of balloons, it is a double action pump which means that it pushes air when you pull or push the handle, this will make your life easier and save you valuable time.

BALLOON KIT WITH FREE BONUS APP – This Balloon Animals Set comes with a bonus Balloon App. Inside the pack, you will find a coded card that takes you straight to download our Balloon App and have a full access to one of our balloon twisting and DIY tutorials.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Buy with confidence because if you are not completely satisfied with our product, contact us immediately to rectify the issue.

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58 reviews
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    Amazon Customer

    Fabulous gift!!

    Absolutely wonderful gift! Great quality, easy to follow video, high end balloons. Don’t hesitate to purchase this set!

  2. Avatar

    Michael R. Sherman


    Much better quality than others! My son and I love them!

  3. Avatar

    Katlyn carter

    My grandkids really like it.
    My grandkids really like it.

  4. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Great for Kids
    Would buy again

  5. Avatar


    looks great! One day I might become an expert.
    I haven’t had the nerve to try it out yet but I’m a little frustrated that the app won’t work at all!

  6. Avatar


    Great gift for those slightly older kids who have so many toys already!
    This is a great product. There is an app with videos, but my 9 yo has gotten the hang of twisting and makes her own creations. It comes with many balloons!

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    Kindle Customer

    Delighted my grandson
    My grandson was delighted with his balloon animal starter kit. Everything is so different during the pandemic and this kit brought fun and delight to a little boy who doesn’t understand why he must stay inside. Thank you.

  8. Avatar

    Eddie Johnson

    Happy Wolf Den Scouts
    I was inspired to buy this kit because at the Blue and Gold celebration we have a balloon artist that mesmerize the scouts. I bought 10 Balloon Animal Starter Kit for my scouts as a gift for their crossover. Every single boy love their kit. I highly recommend this product to some coworkers as a birthday presents for their family members and they were also highly satisfy. I will definitely would buy this balloon kit again in the future.

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    After receiving the first kit, so delighted I ordered another for other grandchildren in our family.
    Loved the way it was colorfully packaged and the completeness of the kit. Our grandchildren, aged 7 to 16 years have had fun with the balloons.

  10. Avatar


    Great Buy!
    Got this for my husbands birthday and he loved it! He first learned to make swords and the children were entertained for hours!

  11. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    It is user friendly!
    My daughter who is 9 absolutely loves this! As soon as she opened it she was making balloon dogs! We love the product and I would totally order from them again!!! This would be a great gift for both boys and girls, even my 12 year old was enjoying making things! Thanks you for a great product!!!

  12. Avatar

    Robert wright

    I did leave a review before but quality easy to use app included shows how to do various things if you want to learn anything else you can find my man on youtube 🙂 top guy im looking for the email ref the 10percent code but i will defo order again my brother, because im in a wheelchair can you show me how to make one of them ir a pair of legs lol

  13. Avatar

    Jan Pepper

    Great purchase!
    My granddaughter loves this! Thank you for a great gift!

  14. Avatar


    Great item
    Just as described!

  15. Avatar

    Marla J. Cole

    Great quality
    Grandson loved this kit! Great quality

  16. Avatar

    Samantha Santangelo

    Great for kids, not difficult for them and keeps them busy!
    Great product, great price! Easy to learn! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  17. Avatar


    simple + easy to use = more fun!!
    Some people have difficulty blowing up balloons, me included. However, the pump that comes with this kit makes it super easy! The balloons come in great colors and stand up to being twisted and knotted better than other balloons intended for making shapes.

  18. Amazon CustomerTom

    Amazon CustomerTom

    Great gift idea for our grandsons
    They are having fun with this toy, and it was a nice and fun surprise for our grandsons. . They love it !

  19. Avatar


    Keeping my 11 year old busy during COVID
    This has been the perfect activity for my 11 year old during COVID isolation. I was surprised at how quickly he learned. He’s been working happily on his creations now for weeks. Thank you 🙂

  20. Avatar


    A brilliant product, which comes especially handy during the pandemic

    Having seen my son (4) attend his friend’s birthday parties, he would almost inevitably come back home with a balloon animal of sorts each time. He would play with these balloons for hours on end and would always seem disappointed when they started to deflate.

    Being at home more than ever before due to recent events, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a balloon animal making kit. Having never ever attempted this before, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get started using the kit. Inside the box comes 100 balloons of assorted colours, a balloon pump and a voucher to use with the App which needs to be downloaded.

    The instructional video which show you how to make various animal and objects (swords, airplanes etc) are brilliantly produced, even though the music can drive you insane after watching them for too long. Eldi is a balloon master, and even the most non-creative person(myself for example) can create inflatable animals that entertain my son for hours on end is fantastic.

    I strongly recommend this product

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    Good quality, easy to use
    Brilliant pack for beginners, the instruction videos on the app are extremely clear and helpful. Within half an hour I was making pretty decent balloon animals and after a few more hours of practice feel ready for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party! The balloons are really high quality so you can twist them all day and they don’t pop, and pump is good too

  22. Avatar

    Angela Robeson

    Great product
    Good quality, good quantity. Some difficulty learning.

  23. Avatar

    Scott Prichard

    Kids loved it

  24. Avatar


    Easy to learn
    This package is great. I have two 5th graders that are learning and the app is perfect for them. Thanks!

  25. Avatar

    Leah M

    Tons of ideas
    Kids love it

  26. Avatar


    Good value
    Grandkids 7yrs to 10yrs had grand time and didn’t need adult help

  27. Avatar

    Debbie Fisher

    Balloon fun for all.
    Great for kids and adults. The app makes it easy to follow along and the kit comes with plenty of practice materials. Be sure to stretch your balloons before inflating. Makes an assortment of really cute balloon creatures.

  28. Avatar

    Mardy A.

    Christmas Gift…
    I can’t say much about this product since it was bought as a Christmas gift for a Granddaughter who lives in a different state. But, I can say that my 9 year old Granddaughter absolutely loved it. We face-timed and she showed me a balloon dog she had made…it looked great to me! If she continues to enjoy making balloon animals, etc…I will probably order replacement items. Thank you!

  29. Avatar


    Best balloon set on the market
    Okay so I started to want to learn after watching an entertainer fail miserablely at a 5 year olds party (were I started to make swords and dogs for the kids better than him). So I went cheap on Amazon but the pump was rubbish. I spotted this set next and wanted the pump primarily. When it came I was super impressed with the package (high end gift quality) and the balloon even seemed to be a higher grade. The app is good and I look to unlock the over levels soon.
    Overall- newbie or amateurs can greatly benefit from this set and I will be happy to buy again.

  30. Avatar


    What fun for all ages
    As a family we had a great time making balloon creations from grandparents to grandchildren This was a Christmas Day hit and we haven’t even tried the app yet. What a fun toy

  31. Avatar


    Easy to inflate

  32. Avatar


    Easy to inflate

  33. Avatar


    Prompt delivery
    It has been bought for a present so not actually looked into the box. Excited to see hubby’s face when he opens it.

  34. Avatar

    Anna Smith

    Christmas gift
    This what my grandson wanted for Christmas and I know he’ll live it.

  35. Avatar


    A satisfiedvcustomer
    I am very satisfied with your product – I am a grandfather with five grandchildren and your balloon set gives us all many happy
    times together – for me balloons are a great form of amusement for kids of 9 to 90

  36. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Well worth the purchase!
    This was such a hit at my son’s birthday! Such a great purchase!

  37. Avatar


    Good product with next day delivery
    This arrived next day as promised & was a good kit. The pump was really good too. Would order from them again

  38. Avatar

    heather durman

    Excellent service
    Bought for Christmas present so not opened yet, but but service was excellent and product looks amazing.

  39. Avatar


    I love this! This is an awesome product. Thank you so much. We are going to have so much fun playing with this and hoping it will help keep the little ones entertained at my daughter’s birthday party

  40. Avatar

    Dianne A.

    Great set – very durable
    Purchased 2 kits for a birthday party- pumps worked great even with curious 10 year olds taking them apart and reassembling them . High quality balloons did not pop while twisting. Kept 6 energetic kids busy for close to 2 hours.

  41. Avatar

    Luinelly Lee

    Easy to use
    My husband has used this set four times and loves it.

  42. Avatar


    I bought this as a gift for my 11 year old grand daughter. She was pleased, but it did take her some time and some help to figure out how to down load the app and get started making balloons.

  43. Avatar


    Great fun! Would buy again.
    Great fun! Speedy delivery and great quality kit. Would buy again.

  44. Avatar

    Kelly A.

    Great kit!
    Bought the kit for a kids birthday party and it was great! Everything I needed and very easy to use.

  45. Avatar


    Lots of fun and easy to use
    Bought as a gift for my 8 year old nieces birthday. It was something she asked for. I visited the next day and she made me a dog, a green pepper and a couple other items. She found it very easy to learn and to follow the directions. The little pumps works well

  46. Avatar


    Great for beginners
    Videos really easy to follow. Good quality balloons. I’m happy

  47. Avatar

    kristian streeter

    Great fun
    My son loves them and they do what they are designed to do ! Good fun !
    Only a few failed but that’s expected!

  48. Avatar

    Tien Mai

    Works great
    Balloons are sturdy enough to feel like they won’t pop and the pump works with no problems.

  49. Avatar

    Dan Curry

    Excellent product
    Excellent product

  50. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Exactly What I Needed
    Very happy with the purchase. Excellent quality.

  51. Avatar


    Perfect balloon animal balloons
    Amazing balloons, for some reason they don’t seem to hold their air in the shapes but that could just be how all balloon animals are. They last a day or two before starting to deflate ????????‍♀️. I’m enjoying learning the twisting for my daughter and she loves all th creations. I’ve only had one pop while being blown up and I’ve done at least 10 so far.
    The pump is amazing as well!

  52. Avatar


    Good fun
    Great fun for all ages. App didnt work but YouTube was full of useful instructions. Biodegradable balloons a big positive

  53. Avatar


    I was happy with my purchase.
    It was bought for my young grandson. I just have not seen him yet. I look forward to spending time having fun with all these beautiful colourful balloons. He has been asking me to make him animals from the ordinary balloons so he will be surprised when he sees all this. Im sure we will have a great time.

  54. Avatar

    mrs j

    Did the job well
    Bought this kit for a friend who made balloon animals for the children at my wedding anniversary party. The kids ( and adults too) loved them. The app was useful too.

  55. Avatar

    Valerie Kmiecik

    Great product.
    Grandson loves this. Probably the best money I ever spent.

  56. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Brilliant product! 100% recommend!
    The balloons are of very high quality, they twist easily, they hold shape well, and they are surprisingly pop resistant. Put that in conjunction with a decent pump, and an app that is full of complete video tutorials and this is one hell of a good purchase. Also its worthwhile to know that the app is free but it needs a code you find in the package. But there’s 3 codes per package. So you could actually have 3 people using the app each on their own device from a single purchase.

    I like making a particular balloon monkey that involves a couple pinch twists, with dollar store balloons they are very tricky and usually pop at that step. With these balloons I never felt like it was going to pop even though I’m out of practice and definitely put too much air in the balloon. This was a gift for a friend, cause we both happen to know balloon animals, but we are both very impressed by this product.

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  58. Avatar

    Tamar Green

    Best balloon kit ever

    fantastic balloon animal kit and wonderful App

    The second time I am buying from balloonplay, my kids, 12 and 7, loved the first kit I bought from balloonplay. Good fun! Keeps them hours off their phones. We invited friends and my kids had the most fun playing with the balloons and making cool creations. The app was very helpful and kid friendly. It was funny and easy to follow. Great price and amazing quality.

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