Back from the Hong Kong Toy Fair – The South Korean kids adventure ????????

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Hello everyone.
During 2018 I am planing to travel more as I am expecting to participate in trade show trying to promote my brand to retailers around the world.
this time, I have visited he Hong Kong Toy and gift fair.
it is good fun and I have learnt a lot and as always playing around with balloons where I go.
on my way back, at the Hong Kong airport, I bumped in to a group of South Korean ???????? kids that just came back from a school trip to Hong Kong.
they saw me practice  with my Balloons and came around.i showed them a new ballon crab i just learnt and then an idea came!
I asked if one of them would like to make a movie ???? with me where we use the Balloon Crab I have just learn?

found a volunteer, we plan the set and then action! ????

these are the results :


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