Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit with App | 150 Balloons + High Quality Balloon Pump + Stickers + Marker + Balloon App with 40+ Video Tutorials, Fun Gift for All Ages and Celebrations.

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Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit with App | 150 Balloons in 4 different Shapes + high quality balloon pump + Stickers + 2 x Markers + Balloon App with 40+ video tutorials, fun gift for all ages

If you are looking for the best Christmas gift that suits all ages, you are in luck!

Everybody loves balloons and especially the famous long balloon animals.

The BalloonPlay Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit , comes with a bonus App and suits all ages.
This Balloon Animal Kit is jam packed with all you need to make balloon animals and other DIY projects that will take your balloon twisting experience to the next level.

This little box is jam packed with balloon goodies like no others.
You will get FOUR types of balloons to play around with.

  • 150pcs of Long balloons ( yes I have included clear and black balloons which are very rare to find!) , 16pcs of big round balloons, 16pcs of small round balloons and 6pcs of big round transparent balloons.
  • Set of stickers
  • 2 x Permanent marker, black and white, especially for balloons
  • A high quality double action balloon pump
    and….(drums please) a MAGIC card!

This MAGIC card will take you in to the balloon course I have in my balloon App.
it contains dozens of balloon animal tutorials AND balloon DIY project you will have so much fun with.

My aim with the BalloonPlay™ App and Kit, is to motivate kids and adults to connect, twist and play with balloons whilst having fun family time together.
As a father of three and children entertainer I want to give your kids a safe watching environment in my App.

Watching videos in a “closed” environment gives children a safer and more controlled user environment than YouTube and other “open” platforms.

WARNING! Using BalloonPlay™ will get your kids off the sofa, looking for new balloon challenges.

Using BalloonPlay™ will reduce the hours your children spend on their Smartphones while following the balloon hack video tutorial movies inside the app.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Buy with confidence because if you are not completely satisfied with my Balloon Animal kit, contact me immediately to rectify the issue.

I am here to help

  • FUN and SAFE Are your kids spending way too much time in front of their screens? Are you concerned about what they are watching? It is time to provide them with entertainment that brings back their creativity and teaches them an incredible skill set while having loads of fun at the same time
  • THEY WILL NOT STOP THANKING YOU It is so hard to find the perfect gift that appeals to different ages and genders our balloon activity kit literally provides hours of entertainment for ages 6 to 126 years They will be thrilled and you can feel good about your wholesome gift choice
  • BONUS BALLOON APP buy now and receive a coded card that gives you access to hours of videos tutorials that teach balloon creations such as balloon animals balloon games and crafts and crafts balloon projects safe technology for your kids
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE because if you are not completely satisfied with our product contact us immediately to rectify the issue we are so sure you are going to love our balloon making kit and have loads of quality fun with your kids and family buy today while stock last