Refill for balloon animal kit – 100pcs of professional 260 long balloons animals By BalloonPlay™




100pcs of professional 260 long balloons animals for twisting. biodegradable, natural latex, bonus App. refill for balloon animal kit

BalloonPlay 100 Biodegradable Long Balloons for Balloon Animals in 14 Striking Colors
Our twisting balloons are ideal for creating all sorts of balloon sculptures and models, perfect balloons for a party and can be used by entertainers at their shows. These balloons are slightly thicker for their durability and professional use. They can be mixed in with the other sizes to create different effects in balloon models.

Nozzle Up Balloon Twisting Pack
Expertly and professionally prepared, our simple balloon animals come nozzle up packed for the convenience and visibility. Each color can easily be identified and reached without creating chaos in the bag.

Colors for All Sculpturing Needs
BalloonPlay​ twisting balloons come in 14 rich and vibrant colors, including unique and hard to find black and white. Our set comprises of red, orange, yellow, light blue, peach, dark yellow, navy blue, lilac, fuchsia pink, pink, white, black, brown and grey.

Superior Quality Balloon Animals for Beginners and Professionals
BalloonPlay​ is a brainchild of 25 years of professional ballooning world. We have expertly come up with the quality, durability, and versatility of our products that suit professional balloon twisters and artists. Our 260 balloons are the real deal and are now available to beginners and families.

Affordable Refill Kit
Ideal as a refill for those already in possession of balloon animal kit. A great addition to the existing set or simple replacement of poor quality available twisting balloons.

  • HIGH QUALITY LONG BALLOONS – High Quality long balloons for all your balloon animals twisting, sculpting and creations needs with 14 colors! Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Peach, Dark yellow, Navy blue, Lilac, Fuchsia pink, Pink, White, Black, Brown and Grey
  • OUR BALLOON PACKED WITH NOZZLE UP – Our balloon animals are packed in such away that will upgrade your ballooning experience and ease the way you use them while having a view at all the colors from above and al balloons are available by pulling just the color you want from the pack, see image at our image gallery
  • PROFESSIONAL LONG BALLOONS – we picked the best long balloons you can find in the market! Using our experience of more than 25 years in the balloon twisting industry, you promised to get the best of the best.
  • BALLOONS WITH APP – This Balloon pack comes with a bonus Balloon App. Inside the pack, you will find a coded card that takes you straight to download our Balloon App and have a full access to one of our balloon twisting and DIY tutorials.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – we work hard to cherry pick all our BalloonPlay products and we are taking responsibility for any inconvenient you may. Do not hesitate to get back to us with any issues you may have, we will do the utmost to give you the best buying experience on amazon.

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