50pc 10″ Round Latex Eyeball Balloons with Spider Eyes, top Print for Balloon Animals Creations


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ONLY at BalloonPlay™! a bog spider eyeball printed latex balloons! 10″ size!

🕷️ Take your balloon animal skills to the next level with our spider eyes balloons

🕸 Add balloon spiders to your Halloween balloon decoration using our round latex black balloon spider eye print and create creepy spider print face balloon

🕷 This spider eye balloons can be used in large balloon designs as a 10 inch balloon spider head or for small line work or mini creepy balloon creatures with the 5 inch balloon top print eyeball

🕸 Use our Spider eye print round latex balloons to add a new design to your creepy balloons collections

🕷 See what you can do with the eyeball top print round balloon beside the classic spider

Hi, I am Eldi, a balloon comedian 🤡 and a twister with more than 25 years of experience in balloon shows and workshops and I am happy you landed on my round latex balloon eyeball print page. 🎈

As far as I know you cannot find this balloon anywhere else as I have created this special latex round balloons with the top print of a spider eyes 👀 just because I needed it to my balloon animal show.

I wanted to create a big spider balloon 🕷 but I could only find a 5 inch balloon with the spider top print.

So, I order myself this fantastic black latex balloon with spider top print eyeball, from my balloon factory, and now it is also available for you 🤗

I am using this spider eyes balloon to create a very large spider balloons using also balloon animals and a big 20-inch round balloon but I am sure you can create lot of new balloon creations using your imagination or ins-aeration from my balloon app.

Let me know what you can up with my spider eyes round balloons




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