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It’s BalloonPlay Show time!

Hello everyone!

           Buongiorno amici!

Bonjour les enfants!

           Buenos dias ninos!

Greetings to all my BalloonPlay community members from all over the world 🌎

It’s Balloon Time! and this week we are in Episode #3 of my exclusive LIVE broadcasting, I carefully crafted for you. This will be the a LIVE Balloon Show for all ages.🎈

The next LIVE Balloon Show will take place this Friday the  22nd of May 5pm BST, UK🇬🇧 and for my US🇺🇸 it is at 12pm  EST (Eastern time) (same 22nd of May)

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I am planning to spend with you at least half an hour, continuing from our last Episode, teaching more balloon twisting, some balloon hacks, tips and tricks. balloon riddle and balloon DIY project I promised.

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 to the Balloon Show and you can enter the BIG BalloonPlay weekly Prize Draw  🤩

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I did not schedule any Balloon Show for my customers in the southern sphere.. the kiwis 🇳🇿and aussies 🇦🇺,  if you are one of them,  Just reach out to me through my FaceBook page “BalloonPlay” and I’ll make sure to book for you guys a Balloon Show as well.

Come to the Balloon Show prepared, what do I mean? Bring with you my balloon kit, you will need a pump, long balloons and if you can a permanent marker. and for this show you will also need a glass jar, round balloons (at least 10″) and a pair of scissors ✂️

Can’t wait!🤩
I am super excited to see you on Friday.
And do not forget
“With just a little bit of imagination, You can do anything with balloons” Eldi

Take care
Ciao cacao
Eldi 🤡


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