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About BalloonPlay

We have been in the Balloon workshop and entertainment business for over 24 years, and we’ve watched how it evolved around us.
New generations come with new communication channels, more tech, multiple screens, endless devices and platforms, digital, virtual therefore less physical communication between children.
We appreciate ‘Balloon Power’ so we came up with ‘BalloonPlay’ the worlds first gaming concept bringing children together, parents and children, kids with their friend and grandparents and their grandchildren to have fun together whilst watching our balloon video tutorials and completing together all the balloon project that come with the BalloonPlay kit

In the BalloonPlay community you will find the largest entertainment bank of video tutorials that covers all fun and enjoyable balloon activities for all ages.
we use 4 type of balloons in our kit. the traditional round balloons small, big and clear and the popular balloon animals.
and with those we do magic tricks with balloons, balloon hacks, balloon DIY, balloon decor and many more.

Your gaming experience is our goal!
Buy our BalloonPlay kit, download our App, open it, choose one of the fun balloon tutorial videos you wish to start with, watch the video taking you step by step without any step skipped and start inflating, creating and enjoying till you finish the project.

You can enjoy your new BalloonPlay Kit at home, on the go, at work, school, nursery, at Grandma’s house or even in space.

The BalloonPlay kit focuses on the idea of the participant ‘learning by doing’ and its goal is to bring the players not only joy and fun, but to strive and work whilst cooperating with others. This is also a fun way to develop motor and cognitive skills whilst trying to finish each project.

And do not forget “With a little bit of imagination, you can do almost anything with balloons”

Have fun

BalloonPlay Team ‘with a little bit of imagination, you can do almost anything with balloons’

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